Thank you to Laura Menge, YP Liaison & her selection committee for their thoughtful leadership. 
This is our 6th class of Young Philanthropists AND OUR LARGEST CLASS YET! 
Before we reveal this incredible class, I’d like to share some of their words with you. 
  • It’s easy to wish for a world of improved health, diversity, compassion, and justice, but I feel that membership in this program would allow me to be a part of a plan in which true action can be taken 
  • Many times, we see things occurring in our community that we don’t like but have no idea where to start to make a change. Joining Impact 100 will give me that community and empowerment to make a change in my city that I love. 
  • I firmly believe that acceptance into Impact 100’s Young Philanthropist Scholarship Program will further empower me to enact tangible change in our community 
  • You don’t grow if you stick to how you’ve always done things. You grow when you take chances. And that is what speaks to me about Impact 100. 
  • An organization like Impact 100 allows passionate donors a space to consider many missions and issues and collaborate on granting organizations meaningful dollars for innovation work 
  • At the end of the day, I just want to make a difference and I know that is something Impact 100 certainly does 
  • I wish to aspire Millennials to go beyond the expected and become involved! 
  • Becoming a part of this program will begin a new and intriguing chapter in my journey. A chapter that is sure to uplift me, challenge me and ultimately transforms me into the woman I am called to be. The sisterhood that Impact 100 embodies is a bond that appears effervescent, a quality that intrigues me. Becoming a part of this cohort will serve as a great privilege that I dare not take lightly. 
Reading their words brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my arms and I am honored they have joined our collective. 

Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Young Philanthropists Class of 2021

  • Emilie Brinkman
  • Whitney Coble
  • Kelsey Eilers
  • Deanna Hilliard
  • Katie Hushebeck – Schneider
  • Addie Keith 
  • Lauren Meder
  • Natasha Mitchell