As an organization, we have a goal to award 5 grants in 2021, our 20th anniversary! That means we need to recruit new members to get our membership dollars over $500,000.  
As the Impact 100 recruiting co-chairs, it is our mission to recruit new members, reactivate lapsed members and encourage half members to become full. You can help us accomplish this goal by serving as a Spread the Word (STW) Host or Impact 100 Advocate 
STW Host– Spread the Word events have been a long running activity to help educate your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers on what Impact 100 is and how they can get involved. In the past, these events have been hosted at Impact 100 members’ homes. House locations are great, but we found a lot of success last year moving some of those events to unique public spaces. As the recruiting co-chairs, we will help coordinate dates, location, send out invites, provide hosting materials, send out thank you cards and more. If you have any interest in helping to host a STW, know a great location, companies that donate food or small gifts, we would appreciate any assistance you can provide.
Impact 100 Advocate– If you are a member of a book club, alumni group, civic organization, etc., and see an opportunity to introduce Impact 100 to them, please contact us.  We will provide all necessary materials and take as little as 5 minutes to share the amazing work of Impact 100!