Our Equity Champion Cohorts are off to an amazing start, two of our cohorts had their first meeting last week and they had just amazing vulnerable conversations. Here are a few quotes that we received from our participants and facilitator.

“Our group was phenomenal this week. The two hours flew by once we got started. We were able to dissect some of the early parts of the film and talk about how they impacted so many levels of society as we see it and live it today (from politics to culture to education) and it truly felt like everyone was able to be vulnerable without fear of judgement. There were many eye-opening moments as well. I think we’re all looking forward to our next meeting in October.”

— Kyla Woods, Facilitator

“What I enjoyed about the first session was the feeling that the group was a safe space to discuss racial equity. To ask questions, to meet other women and to increase my knowledge is impactful to my development as a woman and as leader.”

— Participant

“Every organization needs to evolve, grow, and change as it continues to be relevant in today’s world.  It’s great to be part of an organization that thinks this is important and is willing to work towards new perspectives.”

— Participant

“I can sincerely tell you that the two-hour discussion was one of the most thought-provoking discussions of which I’ve been part.  The environment is warm, the thoughts honest and from the heart, and the concepts have stayed in my brain.  Thank you to Nickol for truly inspired facilitation.”

— Participant

In addition to these conversations, we launched our digital book club on Facebook. The digital book club is another safe space where we can all grow together. We are all reading/hearing Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’. The book is available on audible and if you have not had the pleasure of seeing Trevor perform, you are in for a surprise – He will crack you up!

If you would like to join us in this journey, there is still time. Please register here for the Monday Lunch cohort (Starting on October 7) and here to join our Digital Book Club.