In May 2020, the Impact 100 Board ratified the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee charter that outlines roles and responsibilities of DEI committee members and created sub-committees to facilitate the work of this committee. 
The charter outlined three focus areas: Diversity, Education and Equity and formed four subcommittees to work towards to each of those goals. 
  1. Recruitment sub-committee: The role of the recruitment subcommittee is to recruit women of color to Impact 100. Every month since June 2020 the committee has been hosting virtual happy hours titled, ‘Empowered Girl Talk’ to invite women of color to learn about Impact 100. The next happy hour is scheduled for October 29th. Registration will open soon. 
  2. Membership Education: In Summer of 2020 we launched three Racial Equity Conversations. 79 of our members registered for these conversations and are actively participating in these conversations.  The Education sub-committee will continue to provide more opportunities to engage in these important conversations around race and equity.  Please check our Facebook group to learn more about the three tracks and participate in our Facebook conversations.
  3. Board Education: In Fall of 2020, Impact 100 Board will have a facilitated DEI conversations as a leadership team and individually in November and December. We have chosen this time frame as it will be a way to connect the oncoming board members to our current team as well as get everyone on the same page moving forward into 2021.  
  4. Equity: The equity team will maintain and disseminate best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Board, Focus Area Committees (FAC) and membership at large. 
This work is hard work, heart work and emotional work but it is also important work. The DEI team has volunteered hundreds of hours of their time to bring these valuable experiences to our members and our members have enthusiastically embraced these opportunities. We will keep working to bringing you more of these experiences. Please feel free to reach out to me ( if you have any questions or comments or would like to join the incredible DEI team.