Are you part of the 5 Star Club?  We want you in! 
Bringing in new members is a vital component to being able to continue our life-changing work in the community. In fact, for 2019, we have 108 new members! These new members have helped us reach a new giving milestone of $436,000.  
Referrals have always been a key way for us to recruit new members; in fact, 90% of our new members come through a referring member.  For 2019, we are thrilled to celebrate the 65 members who introduced Impact 100 to their friends, family, and colleagues and helped grow our new membership!  We want to give a special shout out to Laura Menge who referred 7 new members for 2019 – an incredible benefit to our group so THANK YOU Laura!  We will be making a $100 donation to an organization of Laura’s choice as a thank you for her hard work on this.
In honor of celebrating our members who have been passionate about Impact 100’s growth, in 2020 we will be starting The 5 Star Club.  Our new group will celebrate any member who refers 5 or more new members.  We can’t wait to recognize our club members at events and in our newsletter.  Think what would be possible if each one of our members brought 5 new members in for 2020!  An organizational goal is to get to 5 grants by 2021 – and The 5 Star Club is crucial to meeting that goal!
We want you in!  Will you join The 5 Star Club in 2020?

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