The Power of Five can help Impact 100 achieve our biggest milestone yet!

The Power of Five can help Impact 100 achieve our biggest milestone yet! What if you brought 5 guests to the next Impact 100 event?  What if 1 of those guests was inspired to become a new member? What if in the course of this year 5 of your friends, family, or colleagues decided to become a new member?  What if every member (all 500 of us) did that?  If this happened, we would be well on our way to achieving our goal of 5 grants by 2021! See the calendar below for more details on spread the word events.

This is how every member of Impact 100 has the power to be part of reaching this big milestone
5 Guests…….5 New Members………5 Grants – The 5 Star Club is being introduced this year to help celebrate the power of activating your networks to grow our membership for 2020.
It’s a simple program – all about celebrating YOU and what makes you a 5 Star Club member – you can:
  • Be a 5 STAR “PARTY CHAMPION”: Bring 5 guests to any events throughout the year.  Watch your name go up on the big screen and be entered into a raffle for some amazing prizes!
  • Be a 5 STAR “MEMBER RECRUITER”: Refer 5 new members who join Impact 100 and receive a special gift you will use again and again to remind you of the power you brought to the group!
  • Be part of the “Race to 5 Grants”: Join for 2020 by 6/30/19 and receive a free guest ticket to AAC!
We are also planning a special “Exclusive” event for all 5 Star Club members so don’t miss out on getting in on the fun!  Check out the current events calendar below and think about who you can bring as your guest!