As that advertisement from many years ago said, ‘We’ve come a long way, baby’.  Twenty years into our journey it may look like we snap our fingers, and everything magically gets done.  But the truth is it takes a village of our members, Board Members and Association Connection (a paid resource) to deliver the work associated with delivering Impact 100’s mission.  The work continues to evolve as new technologies become available or members with unique skills help streamline work processes.  Our Board of Directors is responsible for doing the work or managing others to get it done.  The Board is in the process of formally documenting the work processes associated with delivering each task and then reviewing the total work of the organization to continue to improve and eliminate unnecessary work or make recommendations to get the work done differently.  This is a huge task especially given the Board continues to deliver the work. We are looking for a few members who have experience with work process change and have time to participate on a committee to review the work and make recommendations.  Interested members should email, Rose Palmieri, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, if interested.