Tell us a little bit about yourself personally and professionally.
I am newer to the region and proud to call Cincinnati home. My wife and I moved here 7 years ago and just welcomed our firstborn last October. We believe in paying it forward and want to be a part of supporting a thriving Cincinnati community. We are also very involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters and look forward to seeing how Impact 100 can be another organization we can pour into. 
Can you describe Amend’s Impact 100 employee incentive? What sparked your interest in getting involved in Impact 100? How do you think this incentive benefits you, Amend, and your employees?
AMEND has always had a 3:1 charity match program. Our founders created the benefit as a way “to multiply the impact of our team’s giving”! It is something that we love seeing the team take advantage of. We have some of the most talented women in Cincinnati in our organization. When I learned about Impact 100’s mission to build up women and our community – and that it started in Cincinnati – I was hooked. We ask that the employee commits $250, and we cover $850 (a bit more than 3:1 but we are cool with it!!!!!!) to get to the $1,100 level. Our mission statement says that we believe AMEND exists to better our community. Connecting our incredibly talented women with Impact 100 not only empowers them, but it also builds into bettering our whole community.
What might you say to other organizations about an Impact 100 employee incentive?
 If you are a member of the Cincinnati business community, I would implore you to consider partnering with your employees to be a part of Impact 100. You are making a direct investment in connecting your leaders with other community leaders and that parlays into a benefit for everyone in our broader region.