Tell us a little about yourself personally and professionally.
I am an east coast transplant, moving to Cincinnati for my husband’s job at Children’s.  What I thought would be a short stint, fast forward 30 years, Cincinnati is not just my home but a city I am deeply committed to.
 A pediatric nurse by background, I stayed home to raise 3 daughters until I was ready to spread my wings.  I switched gears, delving into nonprofit work as an environmental educator for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.  I wasn’t sure that I could embrace the subject of litter, but the realization that “growing green habits” in children of all ages, is so important for the health of our city and the future of our planet. Not to mention fun-kids are great! Three years ago I left this amazing organization and ventured into things that fed my soul versus my pocketbook.  I am proud to serve on the board of Impact 100 as Recruiting Co-Chair, am a CASA for Prokids and deliver flowers part time, for Robin Wood Flowers. (In the flower delivery business, everyone is happy to see me coming!). In my spare time, I like to read, play tennis, cook with my husband and visit my daughters! 
What excites you about being an Impact 100 member?
What excites me about being a member of Impact 100 are the varied opportunities to learn about and engage with all the amazing, local organizations that have have applied for or benefitted from Impact 100 grants. These nonprofits have made such a positive difference in the lives of many in our community.   In addition, our Impact chapter continues to push ourselves, think creatively and expand our reach; a great example is the establishment of the Next Step Awards. This was an awesome addition to our grant giving this year. As an organization, we navigated the limitations posed by Covid 19 with grace and care for our members and grant recipients. Lastly, Impact 100 attracts a wide variety of interesting women, who I would not have the pleasure to get to know, if I was not a member.
Could you provide a brief description about your favorite Impact 100 moment or experience? I have to say, I have loved the Unplug with Impact 100 summer series that my recruiting partner, Stacy and I created.  These out in nature events offered our members and guests an opportunity to get together, learn something new and get moving, safely.  Unplug with Wavepool Gallery, was an amazing experience where our group created and collaborated on a mandalam, a woman’s ritual art of Southern India. To see all of our members and friends working together on art, on our hands and knees, to create something beautiful, was an unforgettable experience!