We’re grateful for the times we shared together – both in person and virtually.  Whether we were taking informative walks around Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, visiting the Art Museum to see artwork through a new lens, or holding book club discussions of African-American issues, we were learning, growing and being enriched by each other.
In this, our 20th year, we are thankful for those who paved the way before us and allowed us to reach a cumulative milestone of $6 million in grants to community organizations. Through our Next Step Awards, we gave smaller grants to three grass roots organizations as a way of further diversifying our community impact. We made progress in creating a more diverse membership and gained new understanding about what it means to be equitable – and more transformative in our grant making. 
Through the leadership of our outstanding board members, along with the commitment of our most amazing members, we continue to strive and thrive, despite a pandemic. The time and resources we commit to Impact 100 are improving our community and our own lives in small and large ways. We are grateful for each one of you, and your contributions to our great success this year! 
Alone we are strong,
Together we are stronger!