Want to know more about our dynamic mother/daughter Board of Directors duo, Jenny Berg & Emily Schmidt? 

Who are you as individuals and as a mother/daughter duo?  

Jenny: My passion is to help non-profit agencies become better, stronger, more collaborative and more impactful. In my position as Executive Director of The Leadership Council for Nonprofits I have the opportunity to connect with leaders of many nonprofit agencies in our community and to find out what their needs are. I would say as a mom/daughter duo we are enjoying learning from each other and supporting each other through all the various life stages we are both going through. I LOVE being a grandma to Emily’s son Joey, and it has been my greatest joy to watch Emily blossom as a wonderful mother! 
Emily: Things have shifted dramatically in the past year after having my son, Joey. Trying to balance working full time, being a mom, being an active board member, and still having time for self-care have been difficult, but I wouldn’t change a thing! (Let’s throw in a pandemic while we’re at it, shall we 😉 ) As the ultimate mom-daughter board tag-team duo, it has been great to absorb the vast stores of nonprofit knowledge that my mom has, and I’ve tried to utilize my skills and passions to help out Impact 100 in any and all of their communications. I’m learning a lot, and I’m glad I have such an amazing mentor to look up to.

What excites you both about being an Impact 100 Member?

Jenny: As a long-time Impact 100 member, I have always enjoyed meeting new members and prospective members who can easily see my passion for the organization! 
Emily: I love getting to know the other members from all walks of life! We are aimed at being a diverse group, hearing everyone’s stories and connecting to all these women is such an honor

Could you provide a brief description of your favorite Impact 100 moment, if you have one?

Jenny: My favorite Impact moment was when I became an Impact 100 member! This was after a special moment when I was board chair of Tender Mercies and we received the 2003 award of $184,000! I  was so impressed by the women, the process, and the impact of that award on Tender Mercies that I immediately joined as a member and have been a member since 2004!
Emily: I grew up around Impact 100, and I would say that my favorite moments are when my mom was President. I loved watching her fearlessly lead!

What tips do you have to connect with other women/community during our stay at home mandate?

Jenny: My Impact 100 friends are such dear friends and I love connecting with them often- via social media or other ways.
Emily: I’ve been on happy hour calls, Instagram dance parties, and FaceTime’d friends I haven’t spoken to in a while. Despite the flaws of social media, we’ve been using the best parts of technology to stay sane and connect with others J