1. Tell us a little about yourself personally and professionally (current or past job, other volunteer positions, hobbies & interests, family, where you are from, etc.)

I have a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Xavier University.  I worked in IT at GE for 14 years, then stepped aside to focus on family.  I was an office assistant, a substitute teacher, and a Cub Scout leader before I got back into IT, working for a small educational software company here in Cincinnati.  I found my dream career at age 48 as an IT Business Analyst and worked at Mike Albert Leasing doing just that for 11 years.  I retired last year and have been go, go, going ever since.  We take our motorhome on many adventures.  Our big trip so far was a 9-week trip out west: 14 states, 9 national parks, and tons of pictures!  I work with my husband doing projects like remodeling his father’s bathrooms so he can stay in his house longer as he ages.  We enjoy disc golf, bicycling, and kayaking.  I also found I have a passion for creating projects with wood and steel.  Our next big adventure is a 2-week trip to Alaska this month (July).

My husband and I raised two sons.  One is a racing driver coach living in Wisconsin.  The other is local, in sales, and getting married in October.  I’m looking forward to gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law!

In addition to being the Development Director for Impact 100, I’m on the board of our neighborhood association.  I enjoy working with the other members of my teams and know that we’re making a difference.

2. What excites you about being an Impact 100 member?

I was absolutely hooked when a member invited me to an Annual Awards Ceremony (AAC) 10 years ago.  The excitement is still there every time I get to talk to our amazing members, attend events, and learn how the grant recipients are making a difference with our funds.  Being a business analyst, I must confess, too, that I’m most excited about the thorough process we follow to vet nonprofits to give our dollars where we can make a lasting difference.

3. Could you provide a brief description of your favorite Impact 100 moment or experience?

I’m pretty reserved.  I talk about Impact 100 in many settings – on social media, to family, friends, and groups I belong to – but I wait for someone to express interest before pursuing getting them involved.  Last year a friend asked questions when I mentioned the organization, so I paid for her to be my guest at the event at May We Help.  She was hooked and joined on the spot.  At the next Spread the Word, she came and brought someone who also joined on the spot.  I was so gratified to be able to extend the power of Impact 100 by being authentically excited to share it.