Judy Stober
Who am I?
I am a native Cincinnatian who returned ‘home’ in 2010 after retirement. I worked 35+ years in the field of health and the environment. I was fortunate to work in the latter half of my career at the international level at the World Health Organization where I worked with governments, private industries, scientific associations, labor organizations and citizens groups from around the world to identify the environmental causes of disease and institute partnership programs to minimize these risks. This afforded me the opportunity to gain new perspectives and insight into addressing and managing risks and challenges that the most vulnerable in communities face. During this period I participated in the UN’s Staff 1% for Development Fund (a form of ‘giving circle’) – serving on the management and project selection committees for several years. Now as a retiree my time is my own so to speak, I spend my time volunteering, traveling, and enjoying many activities & adventures that I did not have time for while working.
What made me want to join Impact 100?
I was going through a process of thinking how I could become more strategic in my charitable giving when I read a news article about Impact 100 and was intrigued. I was impressed by the operation and scope of the organization, that 100% of donations went to funding grants that are ‘transformational’, and that members can actively participate in the grant selection process and the day to day management and running of the organization.
What keeps me a member of Impact 100?
2018 is my second year of involvement with Impact 100; first year as a member. The high standards of the organization – its operating principles and procedures – give me confidence in the selection and oversight processes. The knowledge that the funding from Impact 100 will be ‘transformational’ significantly enabling the ability of the grantee to address an identified need in my local area is a key factor for me.  The opportunity to work in partnership with such a diverse and experienced group of dedicated members is a special privilege.