Who am I?
I am a recent retiree, who reluctantly left as head of public relations at Great Oaks Career Campuses after 21 years.  Only the desire to spend more time with my three children, their spouses and three grandchildren in LA could draw me away.  What has taken me by surprise is how much I am enjoying this opportunity to reflect on what I really want to do and then actually having the time to follow-through.  I’m devoted to the Great Oaks Education Foundation and the Center for Respite Care.  I’ve caught the Ancestry bug, actually like working out and admit being in awe of the movie and TV scene in LA.
What made me join Impact?
Kathy Thornton always has great ideas, and she felt I would enjoy being a part of Impact.  It turned out to be a great fit.  What an opportunity to work alongside smart, thoughtful women who contribute their time and money to support transformational change for individuals and communities.
What keeps me a member?
This year I had the time and chose to be a member of the Culture Focus Area Committee.  I quickly became engaged with other women in the intellectual process of selecting an application based on merit.  What engaged my heart was a site visit.  We met two women leading organizations that were transforming the lives of immigrant women and the surrounding community.  It was the same commitment to building self-sufficient individuals and communities that had drawn me to Great Oaks for so long.  I went home, sent in my commitment for 2019 and increased the amount.  Impact is an organization that is making a true difference and I want to be a part of it.  I look forward to another year of working with intelligent, compassionate women in transforming t