This year, Impact 100 is grateful for 500 members who have pooled together $436,000 for this year’s grant recipients!  It takes a village in raising awareness of Impact 100.  This month, we’re highlight how one local man – Jamie Asquith – supports us by helping spread the word to other women!
  • Who are you? I’m Jamie Asquith and when I’m not meeting up with new people in the business community or helping to facilitate connections in our amazing city, I’m a full-time real estate agent for Keller Williams Advisors Realty. My wife, Lauren and I live with our son who is twelve and our daughter who is 7 (going on 17) in Blue Ash. 
  • What makes you want to support Impact 100 like you do? Impact 100 is truly unique, as the mission is fantastic, the organizations that benefit are phenomenal and the members are fully-engaged and eager to provide support. 
  • Could you provide a brief example of how you support Impact since it’s a little different than the norm? As you can imagine, I do a lot of networking in the business community in my role as a full-time real estate agent. I met up with Clare, Impact 100 President, last year in order to gain a better understanding of Impact 100. First of all, Clare’s energy and enthusiasm are super-contagious and after spending about 15-minutes together I knew that I wanted to help by introducing more amazing women to the organization. Before doing so, I really wanted to learn more about the program itself so that I could speak to the benefits properly.…..I attend the Meet the Finalists event last June and I have been a proud supporter ever since. I was blown away. I’m grateful to have made some great connections in the business community and it’s been a pleasure introducing more people to this great organization.