Who are you?  
I’m a woman whose heart aches for those in our world who don’t have the amazing opportunities and wonderful (relatively) free lifestyle that I have, just because of who my parents were and the great opportunities I’ve been given. I’m a mother to a wonderful daughter, (you may know her, Rhiannon Hoeweler, Impact Board Member); a grandmother to an amazing, extremely tall (6’4″), very charismatic, very smart, young man who is off to college this year; a mother-in-law to Brad who for 20 years has managed to live with and love and appreciate my beautiful child. I’m also a retired career woman who is relishing the freedom that not working full time gives me, and maybe most importantly, a dog-mom to Sushi, a crazy Boxer; and Daffy, a funny looking, sweet, Heinz 57 mutt.
What excites you about being an Impact 100 Member? 
The fact that this organization makes a huge difference for every non-profit organization they help. It’s run, exceptionally well, by a group of dedicated, passionate, smart, women who REALLY want to change the world, one Impact 100 grant at a time.
Could you provide a brief description of your favorite Impact 100 moment?
The first time Rhiannon and I attended the Awards dinner and were both brought to tears by the finalists’ presentations.