Tell us a little bit about yourself – who are you as an individual?
I constantly strive to serve others with a heart grounded in empathy in whatever capacity I can.  Whether it is in my career as a Marriage and Family therapist, my current role at Women’s Crisis Center as Director of Non-Residential Services, at church, with friends or family, or now in my role on the Impact 100 Board, I always want to be able to help and support those around me. As a result of this, I love nothing more than seeing others embrace their opportunities to grow, thrive, and connect in healthy relationships despite the challenges life brings. 
On a lighter note, things that bring me joy are: being a proud Baylor University graduate and as a result being a fan of any sport they compete in, playing tennis, cooking new recipes and discovering that it’s a new favorite, going shopping for a new outfit for an upcoming event , eating Mexican food, drinking any drink with bubbles (Diet Coke, Champagne, Club Soda), traveling to new places, and spending quality time with family and friends many of whom are based in Texas or Tennessee. 
What excites you about being an Impact 100 member?
I love seeing women learn about the non-profits who are serving our community in amazing ways. I am biased since I work at a non-profit, but the work that these agencies and organizations do to empower individuals, families, and communities is priceless. The way Impact 100 members champion the missions, and as a result become supporters of these organizations and the change and impact they bring to our region is impressive. I am also immensely proud to be a member of an organization that is being so intentional with its dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and to be sure it is reflected in every facet of its mission. I am thrilled to see these priorities reflected in the new Impact 100 Next Step Awards that will be launching soon! 
Could you provide a brief description about your favorite Impact 100 moment or experience?
From the moment I started my Impact 100 journey as a Young Philanthropist scholarship member, I have always felt that my voice is valued, that my opinions and experiences mattered, and that it did not matter that I was young or had less life experience. I have always felt like I belonged and that I was heard. As a result, I loved every moment of my young philanthropy experience– and I am so excited I get to continue to serve with Impact 100 on the board! 
What are you most looking forward to in 2021? 
The first 4 months of 2021 have brought me a lot of hope! From feeling healthier and safer with the COVID Vaccine roll out to new and exciting opportunities to serve with Impact 100, I feel like this year is looking brighter and brighter. I do hope I get to see a beach in 2021, which I really missed in 2020. I also have several friends who have had babies or are going to have them– so I really hope I can meet them in person soon.