Tell us a little about yourself personally and professionally.
I am a Cincinnati native, but have also lived in California and Columbus.  I love to travel and cannot wait for that next big trip – my passport is always current!  I taught English in several junior highs and high schools along the way, but my true avocation is Volunteer.  I seemingly have majored in Extra-Curricular Activities since high school.
What excites you about being an Impact 100 member?
Being part of a Focus Area Committee and attending the Awards Ceremony must be the most exciting part of Impact for me.  When you have read numerous grant proposals, whittled them down, studied the logistics and leadership of a nonprofit, and then see them “pitch” their ideas, hopes, and dreams at the Awards Ceremony, you get goose bumps.  I have been a member of an FAC every year I have been an Impact member, and I heartily recommend every member do it sometime.
‘Could you provide a brief description about your favorite Impact 100 moment or experience?
Working with other women on the Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee is my current favorite Impact moment.  Impact 100 is evolving in its mission and vision, and it has been wonderful to be a part of that. Participating in the Education Series has led me to read books I never would have chosen and be a part of discussions with women I normally do not converse with.  It has broadened my mind and challenged my attitudes. Working with these women has been a privilege and an education.