Tell us a little bit about yourself -who are you as an individual?
I am Dr. Zaria Davis. Mother of a college freshman and bonus mom to two adults. Currently, I serve in a variety of social justice spaces. As Senior Associate with Pretrial Justice Institute, under the Arts for Justice grant, I work with community and advocacy groups to engage in pretrial and racial justice. In addition, I own New Direction Coaching & Consulting, LLC which provides leadership and transitional coaching and consulting with nonprofits and businesses in social justice and leadership. I am able to work with some amazing organizations in developing clients and employees as leaders. Working with women in reentry is important to me and my nonprofit, Filling the Gap, serves women who are in prison and reentering after incarceration. The focus on issues and barriers that women face as well as supporting women pursuing higher education. We also have an advocacy component that focuses on access to higher education. Equity, Justice, Access to Education, and Freedom are important to me and show up in my leadership as an advocate, educator, and coach. I enjoy boxing, hiking, and learning to DJ. Self-care is important to me so it is my goal to have it as a part of my monthly routine.
What excites you about being an Impact 100 member? 
I love that Impact 100 is supporting the work of local organizations through giving. There are so many organizations that are doing great work but often don’t qualify for funding. Impact 100 provides an opportunity for those who may not have the opportunity. I am also excited about the journey to explore racial equity and how it impacts the community and agencies that we support. Equity is an ongoing issue and I think it is important to make sure that it is being addressed internally and externally. I have met some amazing women since being a member and look forward to continuing to build my network.
Could you provide a brief description of your favorite Impact 100 moment or experience (if you have one)? 
I have two favorite moments. The first is brief, I was a new member and it was my first meeting. We were at the kickoff and I was asked to come up and hold the 0 as we revealed the amount to distribute for the year. It was a great experience as a new member. The second, was in 2020 being engaged in the discussion related to 13th led by Kyla Woods. It was a great opportunity to connect with other members and discuss the issues related to slavery continuing to exist for a particular population in this county. I was pleased that Impact 100 was willing to step out and lead some of these important discussions.
What are you most looking forward to in 2021? 
I am excited to be closely involved with the DEI committee. It is important to not only bring in women from diverse backgrounds but also open a space for their voices to be heard and valued. Also excited about the community organizations that we will engage with in the grant process.