Mollie O’Neil: Impact 100 Membership Spotlight
Who are you? 
I’m a native Cincinnatian, hiker, occasionally successful gardener, dog mom, and Manager of Volunteer Programs at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. I’m a busy lady by design and by accident. I fit lots of things into my life, but like you I’m sure, it seems there is never enough time to do all the things I’d like to, which is one of the reasons I’m so happy to be a new Impact 100 member. Impact sure makes it easy to do some serious good for our community!
What excites you about being an Impact 100 member?
I love this giving model. I believe collective impact and collaboration amplify voice and action. I have seen what a small group of motivated, passion-driven women can accomplish, so being a part of a group this large and energized is really exciting. I feel confident that my contribution will help someone help someone else. I strive to do this in my day-to-day work and being a member of Impact 100 provides another avenue for this. 
What excites you about becoming a new member?
I’m excited to learn more about what people are doing to make our community better for others. I’m also excited to meet more of you wonderful women and hear your stories!