Ode to Impact 100 2022 
A Poem by Rose Palmieri

It’s December and the Impact Board is meeting

After a year of hard work, time for bubbly and eating

We have much to celebrate

So, sit back, listen and grab a plate

They say it takes a village and this group of women qualifies

We get it done one way or another, with some compromise

Collectively funding transformational grants that make a lasting impact, is our mission

After 21 years this is our tradition

We’ve funded lots of programs and projects that transformed

Allowing our members & community to be informed

Our success is achieved through working together for a lot of hours

Which creates energy that gives us our powers

We spend all year recruiting members

But, as you might expect, most of the work is done in December

Without our sponsors to help with our expenses

I would hate to suffer through those consequences

Volunteers signed up and some recruited

We were glad for those who were well suited

The unplugged series was again a success

How wonderful it was to enjoy nature with little stress

Expenses were recorded and budgets tracked

It takes a lot of effort and that’s a fact

Live gatherings with our members resumed

Much food and wine was consumed

Adding an equity lens to our process began

This was always part of our plan

Our gems reviewed and analyzed grant requests

Using a different process as a test

We again recorded the finalists’ speeches

All agreed they would rather be visiting beaches

Marketing, PR & Communications developed comprehensive plans

I think I can say each of us were very big fans

It’s foreign to most of us how to manage the website

I compare that work to a Halloween night fright

Nominating is always looking for new members for the Board

We are always pleased when they have scored

Governance work is detailed and necessary

We are so happy they can deliver the product and still be merry

Our President said she would do it again for another year

I think we owe this woman a giant beer

Our secretary kept us all well organized

And because of that we are all very energized

Association Connection managed all the pieces and parts

They will forever be in our hearts

Our Young Philanthropists brought us an injection of youth

That was a welcomed sight to those of us long in the tooth

To Barb Wriston-Ruddy, Kate Burroughs, Rhonda Starghill, Sarah Grace Mohr, Lisa O’Brien, Barb Magella, and me (Rose Palmieri)

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

We hate to see you go; thanks for sharing your insights

I think this is the end of my attempt at being a poet

I am sure you can’t wait for me to stow it

One last phrase to all my Impact 100 sisters

May this season of thanks and giving bring you all joy and happiness

Keep up the great work! See you in 2023!