In case you missed the 2021 Annual Awards Celebration and/or just to remind you – here are all the reasons that make joining Impact 100 a no-brainer:
Reason #1 – We host super fun & inspirational events! 
Reason #2 – 100% of your dollars go to the grants!
Reason #3 – We are a guilt free organization!
Reason #4 – You will meet the most amazing women!
Reason #5 – Unparalleled exposure to the nonprofit community of our region. 
Not to mention, it’s going to be a great year and we want you to be part of it!  Help us get to 4 grants for 2022! The sooner you join us the quicker we get a handle on the number of grants we can provide next year.   To that end, we will put your name into a raffle for wine tasting for you and 23 of your friends donated by Neal’s Remodeling for anyone that has joined Impact 100 already for 2022 and for anyone that joins between now and Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30), as well as anyone who joins the night of Giving Tuesday.  We will draw one winner and announce it in the January newsletter.  We have one grant secured already through commitments, let’s grow that one to four!