We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Annual Membership Survey. The 33% response rate was excellent and shows that our members care about this organization and are passionate about its success.
And a special congratulations to Susan Otto, Sandy Weiskittel, Karla Hall, Ainsley Westbrook and Amy Lococo, the winners of a cup of coffee (or tea) on behalf of the Survey Committee!
Our Member Survey has enabled us to have a more accurate picture of how you feel about Impact 100. The survey results have provided us with detailed information regarding your opinions about our performance, culture, relationships, how we go about our work and where we are headed. Your feedback comes at a time when we experienced together unprecedented challenges and change to the philanthropic sector and presents concrete views from you about how we can work together to realize our vision of Impact 100 for the future.
The board has taken time to reflect on your feedback and the themes that arise from it. We know that the way to impact on your commitment to the organization is to improve the clarity with which we communicate future aims and strategies of Impact 100 and the consistency in which we execute our messages.
Your comments are invaluable and will be used as the basis for ongoing discussions between the Board of Directors, members, and stakeholders over the coming year. The board remains absolutely committed to continually improving the way we work together to empower women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community.