Who are you?  

This is a question I’ve spent my entire life trying to answer! I’m a work-in-progress and here are a few facts about me.  I am a wife, married for almost 51 years, mother of 3 children who truly are the loves of my life, grandmother and step-grandmother, and friends with women who are so close to me it feels like we must have been separated at birth. I’m retired from a career that spanned 37 years in IT where I did not work with computers, but I did work with some of the smartest, funniest, quirkiest, and kindest people on the planet.  I love yoga, meditation, and being out in nature, and I’m passionate about doing what I can to make this a better world for my having been here.

What excites you about being an Impact 100 Member?

I love that we are a community of women from a variety of backgrounds, financial circumstances, and life experiences, but what bonds us is that we share a common goal.  We all want to make a positive impact on our community and the people in it. It’s exciting, empowering, and humbling to have the privilege of doing this through our Impact 100 grants.

Could you provide a brief description of your favorite Impact 100 moment, if you have one?

I am inspired every time I’m with women of Impact 100 but my favorite moments are always at the Annual Award dinners.  The room is filled with such positive energy and the nonprofits we serve all have moving stories and inspiring goals.  If I’ve thought for even one nano second about not joining Impact for the coming year, the awards dinner obliterates that notion!