The premise of Impact 100 is simple: Donations in. Transformational grants out. Impact!  Have you ever thought about operating governance, handling ethical dilemmas, who organizes the audit, or researching the digital voting process?  Volunteers on the Board of Directors, Terri Abare and Clare O’Brien have!

Terri Abare, Focus Area Chair 

  • Navigated with grace and upheld the intent of the committee as to what would be most “impactful” with the membership dollars in our region.
  • As part of the Governance Committee, aligned Policies & Bylaws with Nonprofit Corporate Law for the state of Ohio – no small task.
  • Serving on the Torch Award Subcommittee: analyzing the ethical dilemmas faced by Impact 100 and how we upheld highest standards in responding to those dilemmas.

Clare O’Brien, Treasurer

  • Led a successful audit with Nick Veatch, Flynn & Company.

Whew they have done a ton a tremendous amount of work in the last few months!

Why is there a giraffe in this picture?  “Gen the Generous Giraffe” is a small way to recognize the efforts of volunteers who are accomplishing so much above-and-beyond their working board role.  And, it’s random and fun, so why not?!