In 2014, Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati received a grant from Impact 100.  Here is a note to Impact 100 from Literacy Network Executive Director, Michelle Guenther:
The Literacy Network is incredibly grateful to Impact 100 for the funding we received in 2014. Not only did this funding assist us in expanding our Adult and Children’s Basic Literacy classes, it also gave us momentum, boosted our confidence as a team, and helped create connections in the Greater Cincinnati community. 
Just like our students who now have the confidence to take on new challenges because of our class, we too believe we can take on new challenges! We all know that when you think something is not possible and then you achieve it, you begin to believe that other things are possible.  Thank you for helping us to shift that mindset and enabling us to help so many others in the process!
Impact 100 gave us the ability to dream bigger than we had previously thought we could. You really have had such an amazing impact on our organization and much more importantly on so many individuals in our community who are working hard to improve their lives!  Here is one example:
 Adult Basic Reading Program Success Stories:  Sokhna Ndiaye 
Each year, the Literacy Network recognizes a student who goes above and beyond to live out our mission. Sokhna Ndiaye was named our 2018 Hope Award Recipient. Sokhna was a student in our Adult Basic Reading Program, and also works with to improve her reading skills. She is a hard-working, dedicated student, a loving mother of two beautiful children and a supportive wife. Sokhna attended class on Mondays and Wednesdays and generally met with her tutor multiple times during the week. Additionally, she completed a 10-week culinary job training program with the Freestore Foodbank called Cincinnati Cooks and now is working as a chef! Sokhna continues to work hard to improve her reading skills so that she can be the best woman, mother, and wife for her family. She truly embodies our mission at the Literacy Network!