Impact 100 vets applicants, monitors progress, transparently raises concerns if needed, and balances actions in the best interest of community transformation and of the intention of Impact 100 membership.  Impact 100’s Nonprofit Coordinator works closely with Grant Recipients in tracking grant progress via a Grant Agreement and releasing installment payments tied to such progress.

In 2016, Impact 100 membership approved a grant of $101,500 to Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship (CTRH) to expand W.O.R.T.H. (Warrior’s Own Road to Horsemanship) by incorporating a project known as “Project Mustang.”  Project Mustang was designed to save wild mustangs and serve 400 veterans annually suffering from PTSD as part of a proven alternative treatment where the veterans train mustangs for traditional equine therapy roles

In ongoing communications with Impact 100, CTRH leadership decided to place Project Mustang on hold in July/August of 2018 to assess program goals and re-evaluate community needs.

Given such, CTRH and Impact 100 mutually agreed to withhold the remaining $11,200 installment payment due to CTRH December 2018.  A reasonable timeframe was determined to assess the program’s future to best meet the needs of the CTRH organization and the veterans served; on April 1, 2019, CTRH confirmed the difficult decision to formally sunset Project Mustang.

In line with Impact 100 and CTRH’s Grant Agreement, Project Mustang met and exceeded many of their initial goals:

  • Built a second round pen and acquired four at-risk mustangs; Shotgun and Chili have been rehomed (Shotgun, by a former program participant), Roger & Lil’ Sis are currently up for adoption with several interested parties.

For that reason, the Impact 100 Board of Directors unanimously agreed that the remaining $11,200 installment payment of the CTRH grant will be withheld and will go towards the 2020 Grant Pool for Impact 100.  This ensures the funds will remain within the intent of the Impact 100 members.

Thank you for your faith in our process.