Our world has changed but our community continues to need our support.  Cincinnati Cares connects volunteers and change-makers around the Greater Cincinnati region to design and implement better volunteer engagement for a more equitable society.  They have partnered with Impact 100 to engage our members as authors to help us feel like we can have impact with the respective nonprofits we support and work with, whether they are grant recipients or not.   
As an author (Cincinnati Cares uses the term ‘partner’) you can share a story about the work a local nonprofit has engaged in given the current environment.  The story will get posted on the Cincinnati Cares website. You can post stories for many nonprofits or just one.  
Go to CincinnatiCares.org to read and see the hundreds of stories and data about the COVID-19 impact on our community.
If you want to add your stories:
  1. Go to Login, Need An Account
  2. Register as a Partner
  3. Invitation Code: SVP2020
  4. Complete other sections to create an account
  5. You will land on your profile page.  Search for the nonprofit you want to add information for in the search bar at the top right.
  6. Follow these instructions
Included below are links to the stories about our grantees:
Thank you for all you do to support our community!