Impact 100 vets applicants, monitors progress, transparently raises concerns, if needed, and balances actions in the best interest of community transformation and of the intention of Impact 100 membership.  Impact 100’s Nonprofit Coordinator works closely with Grant Recipients to track grant progress via a Grant Agreement and release installment payments tied to such progress.

In 2018, Impact 100 membership approved a grant of $104,000 to Power Inspires Progress (PIP) to create a third training environment to conduct its programming.  PIP’s mission is to provide stabilization, pre-employment training, and ultimately job placement services to individuals with chronic barriers to employment.

PIP requested support from Impact 100 to create a third “mobile” environment on board a food truck.  The grant application proposed that such a fast paced environment would work for different learning styles and that the TRUCK would enable the organization and its social enterprises to follow the casual dining market, which increasingly has begun to abandon the upscale neighborhood of OTR.

In ongoing communications, Impact 100 and PIP leadership mutually agreed that a food truck would initially be leased, instead of purchased, to allow PIP to demonstrate the validity of its proposal.  A truck was leased, licensed, and branded (Nun Better).  A menu specific to the truck was created and assigned staff was trained.  Rather than competing with other vendors, the Truck was positioned at identified construction sites during scheduled lunch breaks.

Given such a change to the original grant agreement,  PIP and Impact 100 mutually decided that PIP would return the remaining ____________ in grant funds until the exploratory project was completed and next steps identified.  A reasonable timeframe was determined to assess the program’s future to best meet the needs of PIP and those served; on October 19, 2020, PIP confirmed the decision to not move forward with the Nun Better mobile training environment.

In line with Impact 100 and PIP’s Grant Agreement, the Nun Better Food Truck met and exceeded many of their initial goals:

  • PIP’s staff and Participants worked to reduce the time required to take & deliver a customer’s order. Initially the time required was in excess of two minutes and was eventually reduced to 97 seconds.  PIP is confident that time could be further reduced to the targeted 90 second goal.
  • The prepared menu generated a typical sale in excess of $9, which proved to be more than $1 over the original target.
  • Since March 30, 2020, PIP assisted another 4 individuals in securing employment. Therefore, within the context of the mandated closings and the contracted economic environment, 19 individuals successfully graduated the program to employment.

The Impact 100 Board of Directors unanimously agreed that the remaining $86,000 payout of the Power Inspires Progress grant will be withheld and will go towards the Grant Pool for Impact 100.  This ensures the funds will remain within the intent of the Impact 100 members.

Shannon, Executive Director of Power Inspires Progress, has these kind words for our members. “The Board of Trustees of Power Inspires Progress is grateful to the members of Impact 100 for their belief in our mission to provide stabilization, pre-employment training, and ultimately job placement assistance to individuals with chronic barriers to employment and specifically for their decision to invest in the creation of additional environments to accomplish that purpose.”

We thank M. Shannon & the Power Inspires Progress team for their deep respect for our members and excellent stewardship of our funds. And we thank you, our members, for your faith in our process.