Project Description


Help fund the purchase and design of a mobile video truck, enabling ABC/Fourthwall to offer their award-winning filmmaking program to students throughout the Cincinnati area.

Grant Award:


With Impact 100 funds Fourthwall will:

Utilize Activities Beyond the Classroom to serve as primary fiscal agent for the project.

  • Purchase/acquire/modify an appropriate van to serve as the transportation studio for the project expansion.
  • Purchase/acquire audio-visual and editing equipment needed to equip the van
  • Hire a project coordinator to oversee all aspects of the project, including but not limited to equipment, teaching, site identification/partnerships, and project evaluation.
  • Identify target sites for Spring 2020 implementation.
  • Identify and connect with businesses and nonprofits to provide projects for students for the 2020 implementation cycle.
  • Collaborate with the University of Cincinnati and the film industry to identify and provide needed mentors and internships. Recruit at least 2 mentors and seek at least 1 internship placements.
  • Identify target sites for Fall 2020 implementation.
  • Engage 6 school/community center sites for implementation Spring2020 through December 2020 engaging up to 72 students completing at least 18 projects and 15 jobs.
  • Engage 8 school/community center sites for implementation January 2021 through December 2021 engaging up to 102 students completing at least 24 projects and 20 jobs.
  • Collect and report upon student demographic data throughout the project seeking to serve 40% under-served students in the projects.
  • Track number of sites, students, projects and jobs created over the 3- year period.
  • Establish protocols, leadership, and support to encourage new sites to self-fund future projects.
  • Seek revenue-producing projects where possible to provide for project sustainability and pay for some student filmmakers.