Project Description

Founders Dave Phillips and his wife, Liane, researched organizations across the country that   addressed poverty through employment. They found that the most successful organizations focused on job retention and advancement rather than simply job placement. In 1996 they formed Cincinnati Works on a model of one-on-one coaching.


Workforce Connection offers employers a solution to retention and productivity issues and helps vulnerable employees stay and thrive in the workplace.

Grant Award:


With Impact 100 funds Cincinnati Works will: 

  1. Measure the increase in the percentage of employees engaging with us – goal of above 25% for each report.
  2. Renew current employers and add new employers to reach a total of 13: 2019 renew 7 employers; 2020 add 3 new employers; 2021 add 3 new employers.
  3. 500 un-duplicated working poor individuals will engage with Workforce Connection: 1/30/19-5/31/20 will engage 102; 6/1/20-5/31/21 will engage 200; 6/1/21-6/30/22 will engage 200.
  4. 400 (80%) of the 500 individuals will retain employment for a year or more at the employer to be measured: 11/30/20; 11/30/21.
  5. 300 (60%) of the 500 individuals will experience positive movement on the stability assessment scale to be measured: 5/31/20; 5/31/21; 6/30/22.