Project Description

Mobile Service Delivery Program

Grant Award:

Crayons to Computers exists to level the playing field in the classroom by ensuring that kids in need have the tools to succeed in school. The Impact 100 grant enabled Crayons to establish a Mobile Outreach Program.

The Impact 100 grant funded a Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) which served 72 Qualify-to-Shop schools (these are schools where at least 60% of the students qualify for the USDA’s National School Lunch Program), far surpassing their grant goals.  These schools encompass a six-county area.  The Mobile Store has delivered the most requested and most needed school supplies directly to the teachers and the schools, increasing teacher access to 91% from 40%, and providing 48,000 students (between 2014 and 16) with $1.4 million worth of school supplies they needed the most.

Since then, MOP has expanded to serve 12 counties. Over the course of the three school years since the grant period, the Mobile Store has provided 10,372 teacher shopping visits and distributed more than $1.7 million of supplies and materials.

“Having access to the Mobile Outreach Program is vital to our school. More teachers can get access to the materials that are offered when they come to us.”  —Ms. Hazlett, Principal, Riverview Elementary

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