Project Description

The Terry Schoenling Home for Mothers and Infants Program

Grant Award:

The Terry Schoenling Home for Mothers and Infants is a pilot program for First Step Home.  It provides direct support to pregnant women who are opiate-addicted and their newborn babies (most of whom are dealing with in vitro opiate exposure) during the first 30 days of the baby’s life.  The Home provides a one-of-a kind residential treatment facility that allows mom to receive extensive treatment for her addiction while caring for her baby during the first critical month.  Baby receives assistance from doctors and nurses as they withdraw from opiate addiction.  Without this program, many of these mothers would be leaving the hospital without their baby and the baby would be placed into the foster care system.

This program is born out of need that First Step Home was witnessing.  These mothers have a desire to be good parents and maintain sober living practices.  This program gives them a vehicle to tend to their mental health needs.  A strong healthy mom translates into a cared for and loved baby.

Since 1993, First Step Home (FSH) has provided wraparound support to women coping with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues and their children up to age 12.  Support includes residential treatment facilities and campus and sober housing (with their children), individual and family counseling, mental health services, parenting classes, vocational counseling, and continued outpatient support.  The women served by FSH need intensive, positive support to help break the cycle of addiction so they can return to society as productive mothers and citizens.  They provide hope and healing to local women coping with addiction and their young children.  FSH has an 11-building campus that includes 67 housing beds and 16 residential treatment beds.  A dedicated staff of 44 individuals serve up to 400 women and 120 children annually.

Impact 100 funds will support the program after its initial pilot. Women in their final 2-3 weeks of pregnancy will move into the Terry Scholening Home to get settled in.  They will continue to receive treatment for addiction and return to Good Sam for prenatal care.  Following birth, moms will have sessions with Visiting Nurses who will see both mom and baby.  They will begin postnatal classes and continue with wraparound services including parenting classes and group and individual therapy sessions.  During the 30-days they will be evaluated for the next step within the FSH programs whether it be intensive residential care, step down care or sober living.  Impact 100’s grant will be used to fund the visits by nurses and the doctor serving up to 8 moms and 8 babies at a time for a total of 72-138 lives impacted annually.