Project Description

Property Renovation to Reduce Waitlist

Grant Award:

IKRON (Integration of Knowledge and Resources for Occupational Needs) was founded in 1969 as the University of Cincinnati Rehabilitation Center. In 1983, the Center went private and with help from community members, two professors purchased the building from the University of Cincinnati. The mission of IKRON is to assist adults and youth who use IKRON services to attain greater self-sufficiency, live comfortable lives, and obtain employment whenever possible.
The Impact 100 grant provided funds to renovate the third floor of their current building to serve additional clients and eliminate the waiting list. Specifically, the project:

  • Renovated the third floor including new plumbing and carpet
  • Repaired the roof and replaced the windows
  • Installed an elevator to the third floor, and
  • Renovated two areas for programming and two individual counseling room