Project Description

NEST (Nutrition, Education, Safety, Transformation) Community Learning Center (CLC) was founded in March 2016 with the mission to address academic and non-academic barriers that perpetuate the cycle of generational poverty in suburban communities.


NEST Roots and Wings Expansion project will take its effective and award-winning programs into Clermont County Clermont Northeast School district.

Grant Award:


With Impact 100 funds NEST will:

  1. Secure staff & recruit volunteers for Lunch, Learn & Play program in Clermont NE for summer by 5/31/20.
  2. Secure staff & recruit volunteers, and purchase needed materials for 1 Early Learner Program (“ELP”) and 1-3 after-school Sites in Clermont NE by 9/30/20.
  3. Conduct 1-2 ELPs, 1-3 after-school programs, and summer Lunch Learn & Play program in Clermont NE by 8/31/21.
  4. Transition of day to day activities from NEST Executive Director & staff to Clermont NE staff & volunteers is complete by 12/31/22.
  5. Evaluation: Demonstrated impact of the NEST program is shown by Clermont NE report comparing how the results (proposed in the NEST 2019 application) are benchmarked against Clermont NE reported outcomes in 2018/2019 results in efforts to showcase impact such as:  Increase academic outcomes as measured by Ohio State Tests, grades and attendance, by 12/31/22.