Project Description

The Dinner Club & Kitchenette

Grant Award:

St. Francis Seraph Ministries believes every member of the Over-the-Rhine community has the right to enjoy the benefits of good health, prosperity, and well-being and has the capacity to contribute positively to the neighborhood. Through compassion, collaboration, and community building, we provide programs designed to achieve this vision.  Center for Respite Care provides quality, holistic medical care to people experiencing homelessness who need a safe space to heal while assisting in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

The Impact 100 grant purchased the required commercial stove hood as part of the new St. Anthony Center Dinner Club to provide the homeless breakfast and dinners 5 days per week through the Ministries. Additionally, Impact 100 funds support a new kitchenette for the in-house respite care unit which provides post-hospitalization care & services for the homeless.  Both nonprofit organizations will be co-locating in the new St. Anthony Center with multiple other local social service agencies, promoting collaboration and supports to our region’s most vulnerable.

“The new Mother Teresa of Calcutta Dining Room opened for breakfast on January 3rd and 88 guests were fed.  Many of whom were standing at our door in the frigid temperatures at 6:30 am.  Over 140 guests were served for dinner.  

The overwhelming response to our new facility has been high praise and sheer joy.  Our clients have expressed their appreciation, gratitude and many have said they cannot believe anyone would create such a nice place for the poor.  They really like how the space is designed to accommodate their needs.  Many have expressed appreciation for the security measures, the lockers, the nice bathrooms and the hot coffee offered at breakfast and dinner.  When I offered a man a second cup of coffee yesterday at breakfast, he grabbed my hand and with tears in his eyes told me no one ever poured him a cup of coffee before.  This morning our guests could not believe we offered  them toasted bagels with cream cheese!” Chris Schuermann – Executive Director – SFSM