Project Description

Wave Pool

Grant Award:

Renovate a space for instruction, handmade product sales, and fresh produce in a food desert while empowering marginalized, at risk refugee and immigrant women with skills training leading to employment as well as broader community revitalization.


2018 Grant Recipient Wave Pool – The Welcome Project – A Beacon of Hope in Camp Washington touches the lives of over 7000 neighbors during the grant period.  

This grant has been a true catalyst for our organization. People we talk with have a much higher regard for our organization and are genuinely excited and hopeful for The Welcome Project and Camp Washington as a whole. Neighbors are extremely excited and grateful for The Welcome Market. We have been able to solve many of our neighborhood’s most pressing issues through this grant and it will continue to grow our community as we add more products and programs to the space. It’s been overwhelmingly positive and a beautiful display of community positivity.
On March 14th everything changed…
COVID19 closed the market very briefly and caused our cooking classes cancelled, pop-up dinners postponed, and people out
of the market. We have been nothing if not resilient through all of this however, and to keep up with escalating food needs in our neighborhood, we quickly expanded our market operations to provide a food and art delivery service to people in need and at high risk in Camp Washington. 
This program “Camp Delivery” is perhaps the greatest surprise for us. Not only were we able to deliver over 14,000 lbs of groceries to neighbors in need during this time, but we were able to pay 15 artists for art work contributions at a time when they were out of work to better connect with and support our community.
Moreover, because this program was initiated just 2 weeks after we opened the market, it became the introduction to many in the neighborhood that we even had a market in Camp Washington, and we have been flooded with thank you emails, hand written notes, and social media posts. 
We continue to see many of these neighbors come to the market weekly for groceries, and even though the circumstances were not what we would have chosen, we are grateful that we were able to create such a strong purpose and
connection to our neighbors during this time