Project Description

Expand Green Dot Violence Prevention Program

Grant Award:

Women’s Crisis Center’s mission is to lead our community in the social change needed to end domestic violence, rape, and sexual abuse. Through the Impact 100 grant, Women’s Crisis Center expanded the GreenDot program to 3 additional high schools in Northern Kentucky based on the success locally in changing behaviors, attitudes & responses to witnessed acts of violence and the successes documented by the University of Kentucky program originators.

With Impact 100 funds, Women’s Crisis Center will:

  • Hire staff and execute training necessary to grow Green Dot to three new Northern Kentucky high schools.
  • Reach an additional 3,000 to 4,500 individuals through Green Dot at three new high schools within two years through workshops, overview speeches, and community partner training.
  • Participate in National Green Dot high school implementation research project and share state and national feedback with Impact 100.
  • Leverage additional funding from Grantee’s Federal Rape Block Grant to sustain the position created by Impact 100’s commitment.