Our Community Impact

Each year, 100% of membership dollars fund transformational grants awarded to nonprofits in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana in the following focus areas: Culture; Education; Family; Health & Wellness; and Environment, Preservation, & Recreation.  This is a list of our nonprofit partners who are the real champions!  Please learn about Impact 100 grant recipients, their goals, and outcomes impacting our region below.


Wave Pool

Project: Wave Pool Grant Award: $104,000 Renovate a space for instruction, handmade product sales, and fresh produce in a food desert while empowering marginalized,


La Soupe

Project: La Soupe Grant Award: $104,000 Purchase five pieces of vital equipment to expand current capacity and substantially increase the ability to process the



SELF’s overall goals aim to help clients: move beyond crisis situations toward improved financial stability and general well-being, retain the attitudes and skills necessary for sustained employment and self-sufficiency, and build assets to break the cycle of poverty in Butler County.READ MORE


Freestore Foodbank

The Freestore Foodbank’s mission to provide food and services, create stability and further self-reliance for people in crisis led them to ideate the Mobile Market as a new initiative that was inspired by the success of a current program, the Mobile Food Pantry. Impact 100’s grant will promote healthy eating through the purchase of a mobile market that will sell fresh produce in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, reaching families which do not have access to fresh, nutritious foods.READ MORE


May We Help

May We Help’s mission is to engineer dreams: highly-skilled volunteers create customized assistive devices for special needs individuals, enabling them to achieve independence and to pursue their passions. The Impact 100 grant purchased machinery for the newly renovated workshop to facilitate the design and manufacture of assistive devices for those living with special needs, enabling the creation of over 100 unique devices per year. READ MORE


Community Matters

Community Matters exists to remove barriers to opportunity so that we can create a thriving community with our neighbors. The Impact 100 grant will fund the building of a community laundromat in the Community Matters complex to allow Lower Price Hill residents access to laundry facilities, which are not currently available in the area.READ MORE


Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati

The Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati champions the development of literacy in the individual, the family, the workplace, the school, and the community by raising awareness, improving access, and serving as a catalyst for literacy efforts. The Impact 100 grant will be used to reach new under-served audiences with literacy programs via opening of new hubs in Avondale and Price Hill.READ MORE